Rideshare Car Insurance

Yes Finally! And cover includes Personal Use, Food Delivery Use & Roadside Assistance.

Unlimited Personal Use
Unlimited Rideshare Use
Unlimited Food Delivery
Roadside Assistance



We've tuned in to what rideshare drivers are asking for in their insurance...

A comprehensive car insurance policy covering:

Personal Use
Ridesharing Activities
Food Delivery

How we help your business

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance designed for rideshare drivers

Whether you’re new to ridesharing, or you’ve already begun and are looking to save costs on your overheads, you no longer need two separate policy types for your motor vehicle insurance.

Insurance Cover

Your package includes:

  • Damage to your vehicle

  • Damage to someone else’s vehicle

  • Australia-wide roadside assistance

  • Accidental damage

  • $20,000,000 liability cover

  • Fire

  • Vandalism and malicious damage

  • Theft and attempted theft

  • Damage from natural weather events

  • Optional windscreen replacement

  • Optional hire car in the event of an accident

Rapid Claims Processing

We've partnered with an industry leading claims service called Hello Claims. Their claims portal is easy to use and gives you peace-of mind. You can:

  • Log on 24/7 to see the progress of repairs and communicate with the repairer and Ride Protect.

  • Choose to receive SMS and/or emails on your vehicles repair progress.

Crash-prevention Coaching

Delivered via SMS or email, you're periodically sent micro-videos containing important safety tips and feedback.

Accidents and Breakdown

Accidents and breakdowns cost you time and money – a vehicle that’s off the road can’t generate you revenue.

365 driveX program

We've deployed the latest technology so there's always a 'roadside guardian'in the palm of your hands.

How? you may ask...

Free to download when you purchase your policy

365 driveX 'smart technology' taps into your phones' already switched on geo-intelligence to protect you against unforeseen incidents by recounting your travel times and logging your passengers journey from A to B.

We are trusted by thousands of people

Roadside Assistance

There's no lengthy wait times over the phone. To access help 24/7 simply tap and follow the apps prompts, answering the questions and you'll have a service provider to you quickly.

365 driveX App

Nowadays most people keep a dashcam in their car to record accidents or acts of road rage on the road. It can be a costly item and a little invasive.

Rewards coming soon...

Soon to be released, the program will give you access to some of the biggest national brand names, great savings with over 3,500 benefits.

Why risk it, Ride Protect it!

Platform insurance guidelines

Find out more about general ridesharing service requirements

Thinking of making the switch?

Already have a current policy with another insurer and want to switch?

Most insurers will grant you a return premium if you cancel during the existing policy period. Simply call your current insurer and ask how much you would be credited if you changed insurers.

This means you do not have to wait for your current policy to expire to make the change to Ride Protect!

Making a claim isn't as overwhelming as you think.

When things go wrong the last thing you'll need is a long, complex claims process

Ride Protect knows how important it is to keep you moving. From the moment the claim is first lodged, through to monitoring the repairs, we ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Claims help

We work closely with you to make the process as simple and efficient as possible.

What happens if I need to make a claim?

If you need to make a claim simply call our number. Our claims service team will help.

About Us

Local knowledge backed by global muscle

Ride Protect has partnered with prominent insurers and technology experts to bring you one complete comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy that allows you to join with confidence. As a Ride Protect customer you benefit from a collective expertise in identifying risk and providing micro-learning video coaching that nudges you towards being a safer and more fuel-efficient driver.

HDI Global

HDI Global SE Australia: HDI insures companies worldwide - through internationally coordinated insurance solutions, which also offers legal certainty. HDI is represented in more than 150 countries by numerous branches, subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as network partners

Mercurien Insurance

Underwritten by Mercurien Insurance, Ride Protect offers the first comprehensive motor vehicle insurance package of its kind, designed specifically for ridesharing and food delivery platforms.

365 Roadside Assistance

As leading technology and roadside assistance providers, the 365 Group are Ride Protect's partner of choice. 365 supports major OEM's - such as Toyota Financial services. Bringing unparalleled premium service in the ‘customer care’ culture by integrating innovative technology. 365 driveX is the groups latest user-based insurance offering.

Hello Claims

An Australian company that has built a reputation for being the best claims handler in the country. With smart diagnostic assessing and repairers who care, Hello Claims places the customer back in control.

Got a question?

Ride Protect knows how important it is to keep you moving. From the moment the claim is first lodged, through to monitoring the repairs, we ensure the best possible outcome for you.