Rideshare Car Insurance Experts

Yes Finally! And cover includes Personal Use, Food Delivery Use & Roadside Assistance.

Personal Use
Rideshare Use - Up to 8.5 hours a day or 60 Hours a week!
Food Delivery - Up to 8.5 hours a day or 60 Hours a week!
Roadside Assistance
We've tuned in to what rideshare drivers are asking for in their insurance...

A comprehensive car insurance policy covering:

Personal Use
Ridesharing Activities
Food Delivery

How we help your business

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance designed for rideshare drivers

Whether you’re new to ridesharing, or you’ve already begun and are looking to save costs on your overheads, you no longer need two separate policy types for your motor vehicle insurance.

Insurance Cover

Your package includes:

  • Damage to your vehicle

  • Damage to someone else’s vehicle

  • Australia-wide roadside assistance

  • Accidental damage

  • $20,000,000 liability cover

  • Fire

  • Vandalism and malicious damage

  • Theft and attempted theft

  • Damage from natural weather events

  • Optional windscreen replacement

  • Optional hire car in the event of an accident

Rapid Claims Processing

We've partnered with an industry leading claims service called Hello Claims. Their claims portal is easy to use and gives you peace-of mind. You can:

  • Log on 24/7 to see the progress of repairs and communicate with the repairer and Ride Protect.

  • Choose to receive SMS and/or emails on your vehicles repair progress.

Crash-prevention Coaching

Delivered via SMS or email, you're periodically sent micro-videos containing important safety tips and feedback.

Accidents and Breakdown

Accidents and breakdowns cost you time and money – a vehicle that’s off the road can’t generate you revenue.

365 driveX program

We've deployed the latest technology so there's always a 'roadside guardian'in the palm of your hands.

How? you may ask...

Free to download when you purchase your policy

365 driveX 'smart technology' taps into your phones' already switched on geo-intelligence to protect you against unforeseen incidents by recounting your travel times and logging your passengers journey from A to B.

365 driveX program

We've deployed the latest technology so there's always a 'roadside guardian'in the palm of your hands.

How? you may ask...

Free to download when you purchase your policy

365 driveX 'smart technology' taps into your phones' already switched on geo-intelligence to protect you against unforeseen incidents by recounting your travel times and logging your passengers journey from A to B.

We've deployed the latest technology so there's always a 'roadside guardian’ in the palm of your hands.

The 365 Roadside Assist app is designed to give you complete peace of mind when the unexpected happens while driving your car.

Download your 365 Roadside Assist app for free when you purchase a Ride Protect policy!

We are trusted by thousands of people

Roadside Assistance

There's no lengthy wait times over the phone. To access help 24/7 simply tap and follow the apps prompts, answering the questions and you'll have a service provider to you quickly.

365 Roadside App

Nowadays most people keep a dashcam in their car to record accidents or acts of road rage on the road. It can be a costly item and a little invasive.

Rewards coming soon...

Soon to be released, the program will give you access to some of the biggest national brand names, great savings with over 3,500 benefits.

Why risk it, Ride Protect it!

Platform insurance guidelines

Find out more about general ridesharing service requirements

Thinking of making the switch?

Already have a current policy with another insurer and want to switch?

Most insurers will grant you a return premium if you cancel during the existing policy period. Simply call your current insurer and ask how much you would be credited if you changed insurers.

This means you do not have to wait for your current policy to expire to make the change to Ride Protect!

Need to make a claim? its easy!
Click on the link below to complete the online form!

When things go wrong the last thing you'll need is a long, complex claims process

Ride Protect knows how important it is to keep you moving. From the moment the claim is first lodged, through to monitoring the repairs, we ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Claims help

We work closely with you to make the process as simple and efficient as possible.

What happens if I need to make a claim?

If you need to make a claim simply click the button below to lodge your claim right away!

About Us

Local knowledge backed by global muscle

Ride Protect has partnered with prominent insurers and technology experts to bring you one complete comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy that allows you to join with confidence. As a Ride Protect customer you benefit from a collective expertise in identifying risk and providing micro-learning video coaching that nudges you towards being a safer and more fuel-efficient driver.


Assetinsure Pty Ltd is an authorised general insurer in the Australian market. Operating since 2004, Assetinsure is focused on delivering innovative insurance / finance solutions across has a wide and growing number of insurance lines. Assetinsure primarily operates in Australia and New Zealand and is an important member of a global insurance network of specialty insurance providers with a footprint across Australia, South Africa, the UK and Europe

Mercurien Insurance

Underwritten by Mercurien Insurance, Ride Protect offers the first comprehensive motor vehicle insurance package of its kind, designed specifically for ridesharing and food delivery platforms.

365 Roadside Assistance

As leading technology and roadside assistance providers, the 365 Group are Ride Protect's partner of choice. 365 supports major OEM's - such as Toyota Financial services. Bringing unparalleled premium service in the ‘customer care’ culture by integrating innovative technology.

Hello Claims

An Australian company that has built a reputation for being the best claims handler in the country. With smart diagnostic assessing and repairers who care, Hello Claims places the customer back in control.

Got a question?

Ride Protect knows how important it is to keep you moving. From the moment the claim is first lodged, through to monitoring the repairs, we ensure the best possible outcome for you.


What do we cover?

All under the one policy we cover:

  • Personal Use
  • Rideshare use
  • Food Delivery Use
  • (Optional) Last Mile Delivery, Amazon Flex,Sherpa etc (Cover for this must be selected)
  • Annual National Roadside assistance, each and every year!
“Solo” Cover Explained:

Cover for owner drivers:

  • Strictly a named driver policy  (anyone on the policy must be named to be covered)
  • We can cover you if you lease/rent your car out to someone else however must:
    1) Be for a min rent/lease term of 3+ Months
    2) Driver must pass the standard underwriting questions as the policy holder (years driving, claims history)
  • Must upload a copy of the lease agreement between policy holder and person renting the vehicle
  • Can only be one rented driver per car (not multi-drivers per car that is rented out)

Can we cover fleets? YES! We see fleets as“Common Due Date” what does this mean?

All of your cars on one policy, all due on the same date. If you want to submit a fleet quote, click here.

*Note: fleet pricing is different from “Solo” cover as it’s a different risk profile

Who are we?

Ride Protect are proud partners with Mercurien Insurance Pty Ltd, who hold’s capacity (insurance capacity) from AssetInsure (the Insurer). Ride Protect, Mercurien and 365 Roadside Assistance are all partners behind this industry leading car Insurance Policy for the Gig Economy.

For more info, you can find them here:

Can I adjust my premium with Ride Protect?

Yes, with Ride Protect, you can adjust your coverage and excess to create your premium when getting your quote. Our goal is to offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of services.

How do I file a claim with Ride Protect?

You can lodge a claim at any time through our website (here) , the Ride Protect app, member portal, or via the Chat Widget on our website/app.

What is the Ride Protect Member Portal?

This is where you can manage your policy 237/365! Make changes to your policy, get your certificates of insurance + much more!

Who does the vehicle assessing?

We have partnered with Hello claims, industry leaders. For more information, click here.

Speak to claims

Our claims department is open, Monday.- Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm, please call us on 1300 334 520 and press option #1.

If you need anything outside these hours, please refer to your member portal for policy changes of Roadside assistance if you need help.

App Additional Excess?

Yes, as the app is a policy condition if you have not installed the App, you will be liable for an additional excess, please refer to the PDS, why Risk it? Download the safety coaching app!

Is Ride Protect solely an online insurer?

Absolutely! Ride Protect is an online insurer committed to providing customers with 100% convenience through self-service.

What is the Ride Protect App?

At Ride Protect, we understand that the road to great coverage and safer driving should be seamless. Introducing our revolutionary app designed with you in mind – a game-changer in the world of driver education, safety, and convenience.

The Misconception:
No, We're Not Spying on You! We get it. Privacy matters. Rest assured, our app is NOT about invasive monitoring. It's your personal guide to driver education and safety, providing invaluable insights without compromising your privacy.

A Comparison Worth Noting:
Think we're invasive? Consider this – while you're already using rideshare apps or google maps, our app is far less invasive. We prioritise your safety and well-being without compromising your privacy.

Defend and Protect:
Our app isn't just about education; it's your shield in unforeseen circumstances. Imagine a third party falsely claiming an accident. With our app, we can defend you, providing irrefutable proof that protects your interests. Don’t worry, we don’t use the data to deny a claim, we are here to protect you, not deny claims!

Your Entire Insurance World in One App:
Experience insurance like never before. Our app puts your coverage, certificates of insurance, and policy changes at your fingertips. Need assistance or want to make a claim? It's all here, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Rewards for Safe Driving:
Earn rewards for your commitment to safety. Watch driver safety videos, drive smoothly, and witness your savings grow. Our app encourages better driving habits, leading to fewer accidents, reduced premiums, and even fuel cost savings.

A Fair Exchange:
App Usage for Market-Leading Pricing: We believe in fair trade-offs. We offer market-leading pricing, coverage, and more. In return, we ask you to embrace the app. It's a win-win – you get the best deals, and we get to help you become a safer, more informed driver.

Your journey matters, and we want to make sure you're well-equipped for whatever lies ahead.

Reduced Liabilities, Increased Savings:
While we encourage app usage, we're upfront. If you skip it and accidents happen, there's an additional excess. But look at it this way – it's a small price for an app that guides you to drive better, saving you money in the long run.

Can I Rent my car out?

We can cover your car if you rent it out under a commercial lease agreement. Ride Protect does not cover short-term car rentals. However, it does provide coverage for cars leased for a minimum term of three months or longer – you must upload a copy of the lease/rental agreement that you use when renting your car out.

Can Insurance Brokers acquire Ride Protect policies for their clients?

At the moment, insurance brokers cannot purchase individual Ride Protect policies online for their clients. However!, they can contact management to disscuss fleets here: 

Who we cover?

We cover:

  • Anyone who has held Australian Drivers Licence for MIN 4 years
  • Owner driver (Person who owns the car and does not rent is out)
  • Owners who do rent it out – see rental conditions
Who we don’t cover?
  • No under 24 year old’s (Yes, learner drivers ages (16-21) can drive if they are a named driver on the policy and the policy holder is in the car)
  • No International Drivers licence holders
  • Must have held their Australian driver licence for a min of 4 years
  • NO Taxi risks under any circumstances
What factors influence Ride Protect pricing?

Ride Protect's pricing is influenced by factors such as driving history, claims experience, demerit points, and years of driving experience in Australia.

Why has my renewal price increased?

Your renewal price may increase due to reasons such as CPI, removal of one-off promotional discounts, and changes in the insurance market's optimal pricing based on your risk profile.

Who has Ride Protect partnered with?

Ride Protect has joined forces with Mercurien Insurance Pty Ltd, which is backed by AssetInsure. In addition, we have an ongoing partnership with 365 Roadside Assistance.

What distinctive roadside benefits does Ride Protect offer?

We are baked by 365 Assistance, the Roadside provider for Toyota Australia and Volkswagen Australia. For more information on 365 Assistance, click here.

You get:

  • Unlimited free call outs per year
  • Flat tyre service
  • Jump start service
  • Minor technical advice
  • Battery and parts supply
  • Emergency fuel supply up to $10
  • Accident co-ordination and towing
  • 20km FREE towing metro areas
  • 50km FREE towing regional areas
What are the potential risks for rideshare drivers?

The most significant risk for rideshare drivers is not having the correct insurance cover, potentially leading to rejected claims and loss of income or property. Do you really want to Risk It?

Pay by the month?

Sure! You can pay by the month using premium funding, they pay us in full and you pay them back over 10 instalments via IQumulate Premium Funding (note the 1st instalment is slightly higher as it includes IQumulates application fee) for more information, click here.

I need to change my driver

No problems! Login to your member portal here to make changes.

Can I pause my policy?

Unfortunately, not, the policy is for 12 months and you can cancel at any time. See below.

Can I cancel my policy?

Yes, you can cancel your policy for a Pro-Rata refund (Less merchant fees which are usually under $10) * Please note if you pay by the month (Premium Funding Loan) and you cancel within the policy period, you may need to pay the funder a fee to cancel early).

I want to talk to someone

We are a 100% online insurer, we don’t have large call centres to pass on the savings to you. You should be able to find everything you need within our member portal, click here to log in.

Do we cover “Grey Imports”?

Unfortunately, with effect 1st Feb 2024 we no longer offer cover for “grey imported” vehicles. *NOTE: For renewals, this will take effect from 1 March 2024 onwards.

What is a “Grey Import”?

Grey imports are models that make their way to Australia outside of the normal full volume import process. Currently, the majority are used vehicles from Japan, though the term can also apply to new and used vehicles from other countries. It applies to both privately imported models and commercial imports.